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"Life is far too important a thing to ever talk seriously about"........... Oscar Wilde
  • It is a FOOL who says there is no God.


    It is a very serious trick that the Devil has played on many Americans, and many people of the world. There is such an increase in Atheism that it might just be incredible. And many people HATE God. Signs of the times. 

    But it is really very foolish to say there is no God, when the evidence of him is clearly seen, although not to the stubborn and prideful person. 

    It is even MORE foolish for a person to believe that they can just keep on sinning and get away with it. They don’t believe God will judge sin. Perhaps they get away with it as far as the governments and laws of men are concerned. But no one escapes the judgment of God. What foolishness it is to go through this life in your secret crimes believing you are so sneaky and wise and cunning, only to die in your foolishness then be thrown into the fires of hell? What arrogance!

    Many people think they are just so sneaky. But don’t you know that NOTHING escapes the eyes of the LIVING GOD? And EVERY DEED OF MEN WILL COME INTO JUDGMENT. THOSE DONE IN THE OPEN AND THOSE DONE IN SECRET. 

    God cannot only see where you are, he sees the condition of the heart, even deeper unto the soul, and he tries the hearts of men all the time. MAY GOD TRY MY HEART, AND TAKE OUT ANYTHING THAT OFFENDS. ALL LUST AND PRIDE AND VANITY AND FOOLISHNESS!!

    Many would rather believe a BIG BANG THEORY, which they have NEVER seen, though they say God is not real because they have not seen him. Not so smart. 

    But we KNOW, God is real, because the Lord Jesus promised that he will reveal himself to those who seek him. And that he has power to reveal the knowledge of the Father to those who seek Him. If you don’t KNOW, then you have not SOUGHT. 

    It is like a theif, who is running from the LAW, and he is laughing all the way. He is running and laughing in his foolishness, and then all of a sudden he falls into a ditch and dies. The judgment of God comes on people just as swiftly. 

    You eliminate God, and you are allowing ALL SORTS OF EVIL. You are pretty much becoming an active servant of Satan. 

    Many people would crucify God today. And no wonder, they crucified his Son. Although, in many hearts, Jesus is crucified anyhow. 

    God is the STANDARD of good, and Jesus Christ came to teach men that standard, and that men should not live by bread alone, but by EVERY WORD THAT COMES FROM THE MOUTH OF GOD. 

    The words of Jesus, THEY ARE THE WORDS OF GOD. 

    Obey them, and you will live. 

    May Jesus bless you and keep you. 

    cuz its totally foolish to not believe in bronze age superstition. 

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  • atheismforthewin:


    Let’s take all the money that churches have, and put it into research and foreign aid.

    Accurate -Luke

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  • aegiszone:

    …and this is generally what it comes down to.

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